Divorce and Financial Stability

Let’s be clear, a lot of the frustration and confusion that stems from dealing with separation and divorce is a result of the fear of not having financial stability.

What exacerbates this fear is the fact that for almost all ex-couples, one typically manages the money in the household, and the other takes a back seat.

Do I Need an Alberta Divorce Lawyer?

Alberta divorce lawyer

Do I Need an Alberta Divorce Lawyer?  Many people ask, “Do I need an Alberta Divorce lawyer?” The short answer is no. Sometimes you need an Alberta Divorce lawyer, but most couples do not. Because lawyers dominate the divorce industry, many people don’t realize that other legal professionals can assist you in filing your divorce […]

Divorce and the Alberta Housing Market

alberta housing market

Divorce and the Alberta Housing Market You can scarcely open social media lately without seeing posts and articles about the Alberta housing market. The hot real estate market can add even more stress to an already stressful process for divorcing couples.  If you and your soon-to-be-ex want to sell your matrimonial home, rising home prices […]