Services & Pricing

Clients seeking divorce often feel trapped. You might feel like you need a lawyer because you don’t know enough about the system to file for divorce yourself.

The truth is, lawyers can’t provide you with the outcome you really want: a simple, fair and cost effective divorce. A Constructive Divorce.™

Our services can be broken down into 3 tiers. If you’re looking for a divorce in Alberta that prioritizes costs, communication and co-parenting, one of them is sure to be for you.


Joint/Uncontested Divorce

$995 to $2,750 3 months
  • This is our simplest divorce. For couples with or without kids who do not need family property division, your path is clear and simple. We file your documents and around 3 months later, your divorce is final.

Simple Division of Family Property

$3,000 to $5,000 3-4 months
  • For couples who have some assets and liabilities to divide, our mediation team helps you sort that out. Then our paralegal team files your divorce documents, and a few short weeks later, your divorce is finalized.

Complex Division of Family Property

$5,000 to $7,500 3-5 months
  • This is for couples who do not have a straightforward divorce. TDS start with a detailed financial disclosure and analysis. Then our mediators assist you in reaching an agreement that is fair and inclusive of each of your needs post divorce. Finally, our paralegals prepare and file your legal documents.

Separation Agreements

$1,995 For both parties
  • You may have been asked to provide a separation agreement. Many banks or financial institutions ask for this when transferring title on a home, for example. We work with both partners to provide a separation document that satisfies banks and financial institutions for title transfer, and replaces the need for a lawyer-lead separation agreement.

Affordable Alberta Wills

$500 to $750 3-5 months
  • TDS will create your will, as well as your personal directive and power of attorney documents, without the hefty lawyer fees. Will kits are complicated and may not reflect the most recent Alberta laws. Our experienced paralegals stay up to date on the latest Alberta wills legislation. They make writing your will as painless as it can possibly be.

Price Comparison: TDS vs Alberta Divorce Lawyer

For too long we have seen divorce as a breakdown, but the reality is most of our clients ultimately experience it as a breakthrough. Contact us to learn about our Constructive Divorce™ Process.

— Zeina El-Sayed, Owner, TDS