You want peace, we’ve got your plan.

The formula to a Peaceful Divorce starts with two essential ingredients:


An ex-couple who don’t want to take each other to the cleaners


A company that genuinely cares about the experience and outcome of its clients’ divorce

What if in just 6 months you could go from stress, confusion, and sleepless nights, to independence, clarity, and peace?

Imagine, you’re each in your own home – no longer worried about the awkward running into each other. You know exactly when you’ll see the kids, and what your budget looks like for the month. You can relax about your money knowing that you’ve negotiated a solid retirement fund that’s there for you when you need it. 

Aahhhh Aahhhh

How do you get there? Here are our 4 Tier Divorce Packages: 

No Property

Simple Divorce.

If you have kids, you agree on parenting and child support. 

A basic divorce.


$750-$1375 each

Just Separation

Not married or don’t want a divorce yet.

Just need to deal with property.



$875 – $1500 each 

No Mediation 

Have property to divide and you agree on who gets what. 

You’re ready to deal with kids & property. 



$3000 each 

With Mediation 

You have property, kids or both but can’t do it alone.

You need mediation to come to an agreement.



$5000 each

We believe that divorce shouldn’t break a family, and that it should be constructive, amicable, and fast.