Do I Need an Alberta Divorce Lawyer?

Some couples need lawyers; most don’t.

Divorce professionals like paralegals and mediators can guide you through the process.

We’re different from divorce lawyers because we work with both spouses for one fee.   

We also don’t charge by the hour; we charge by the service, so we don’t benefit from delays.   

Take a look at our prices vs. the average Alberta divorce lawyer’s prices. As you can see, we help our clients get divorced in half the time for a third of the cost.

Price Comparison: TDS vs Alberta Divorce Lawyer

Questions About Divorce We Hear from Clients

Q: I disagree with my ex on several points. Does that mean we need to fight in court?

A: If you and your ex can at least agree to divorce amicably, and negotiate a fair agreement, this can be done in mediation.

Q: Isn't a lawyer required to sign off on the documents before they are accepted in court?

A: Your uncontested divorce documents will be accepted as long as they adhere to the court mandates and the court clerks' document checklist.

Q: We have kids. Doesn't that mean we need a lawyer to work out custody and child support?

A: No one knows your kids better than you two, and the courts recognize that. Collaboration for the sake of healthy parenting is integral to the wellbeing of your children.

So, when is mediation not a good option?

Here are four signs mediation is not the right forum for you:
1. Neither spouse is willing to communicate directly with the other spouse nor attend mediation;
2.There is a power imbalance, and your spouse will not negotiate in good faith;
3. There are safety issues that put you or your kids at risk; and,
4.Your ex has mental health concerns or addictions issues.

What Our Clients Say


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