Divorce Education and Insights

Can Child Support be Nil?

Child support calculations are impacted by 3 factors. The two parties’ incomes, number of children, and parenting arrangement (custody). But there’s an important distinction to understand here about the third point, read on to understand how the Alberta Courts calculate Child Support.

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Divorce and Financial Stability

Let’s be clear, a lot of the frustration and confusion that stems from dealing with separation and divorce is a result of the fear of not having financial stability.

What exacerbates this fear is the fact that for almost all ex-couples, one typically manages the money in the household, and the other takes a back seat.

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Tools To Have Better Convo’s With Your Ex

My husband and I had a fight last week. The kind of fight that you don’t think you will come back from. His parents are coming for a visit from Lebanon and we argued over where they will stay. Sounds like a shallow topic but there were some strong emotions and competing values that lead one to say the to the other; I don’t want to be with you anymore.

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Conscious Uncoupling: Happily Even After

The decision to separate from your partner is not an easy one. The un-coupling of your relationship comes with all sorts of uncomfortable, and bitter feelings. In addition to the emotions, you must deal with the logistics of separation, such as dividing your assets and liabilities, finding a new home, and negotiating a parenting plan if you share children.

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