How Good are your Communication Skills?

How well we communicate has a direct effect on how successful we are, whether at work or in our personal relationships. This 2-minute quote will assess your communication style. It will tell you how to improve, as well as the ways you’re already master of your own message. Click on the link below to start the quote, and when you’re done, use the share buttons at the bottom to share with others!

Current Alberta Economy and Divorce

Are you stuck in a divorce rut? You want child support, some money from the house, or simply a final divorce, but none of those seem to be attainable any time soon? Right now, if you are successful at booking a child support hearing through the Court of King’s Bench, you can expect a Judge to look at your case ONE YEAR from now. Can you imagine what it is like for a single parent, with limited income, and limitless legal fees trying to make ends meet in this Alberta economy? Hurts my heart.

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3 Steps To Negotiate A Divorce You Want

Do you want something, but you cannot have it unless someone agrees but in your mind you know that person will never in a million years agree to it? Do you feel frustrated, deprived, and well…powerless?

That’s what a lot of people I talk to feel.

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