How Can You Get an Affordable Will in Alberta?

Text says I started TDS because I believe Albertans deserve access to legal services without having to pay more than they can afford. 

I have been helping divorcing couples do just that since 2016. I’m so proud that people have more affordable options to get legal services in Alberta, and we have decided to take that mission a step further. 

TDS now offers wills, powers of attorney, personal directives and codicils to existing wills. 

One of the reasons I was inspired to add wills and estate planning to our menu of services is that people who go through a divorce need a new will almost immediately. 

That’s because your ex was your next-of-kin. You may no longer want your ex to inherit your property and make important medical and financial decisions if you become incapacitated. If you don’t have a will or if your will still lists your ex, it will be time-consuming and potentially expensive for your family to sort out your true wishes if you die unexpectedly.  

Our wills cost 50% less than the average lawyer-drafted will.

The Time To Make A Will Is Now

We all like to think we have lots of time to make a will. It’s an unpleasant thought, but the truth is none of us knows how much time we have.

If you don’t take the time to choose what you want to happen after your death, your family will have to make those choices for you. They also face additional costs at what will be a difficult time for them. You can save them trouble and expense by creating a will now.

Even if your estate is small, someone must make funeral arrangements and disperse your belongings. A will saves your family the stress of these decisions. 

If both parents die and don’t leave a will, underage children become wards of the province and remain so until the province decides on an appropriate permanent solution. 

Your will, personal directive and power of attorney are your right to decide and your final word: If you are married, you are not obligated to get your spouse’s approval on your will. 

More Painless Than A Will Kit 

Many people think they either need to hire a lawyer to write their will or buy a will kit and muddle through it themselves. TDS is the third option for people who can’t hire a lawyer and don’t want to use a will kit. 

 Will kits are complicated and may not reflect the most recent Alberta laws. Our experienced paralegals stay up to date on the latest Alberta wills legislation. They make writing your will as simple as it can possibly be. 

TDS makes the complex process of writing a will painless and affordable. You can start the process right now and check it off your to-do list. 

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