Transforming how Albertans get divorced

Get divorced in half the time, and a third of the cost of a lawyer-led divorce.


You’ve heard of the divorces that intensify conflict between ex-couples and strip away their dignity and dollars. I witnessed those firsthand working as a divorce clerk at Alberta Court. But divorce does not have to be this way. 

I founded Trusted Divorce Services in 2016 and since, I have been on a mission to transform the divorce process from destructive and costly to constructive and simple. I call it the Constructive Divorce™ Process. 

Constructive Divorce centers around costs, communication, and co-parenting. We are paralegal-led, mediation-driven, which allows us to help you navigate your separation and divorce amicably and affordably.

What Our Clients Say

Zeina processed more than
30,000 divorces in the
Alberta Divorce Court.
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