Navigate Child & Spousal Support with Zeina

Section 3 and 7 Agreements

$350 to an agreement or 350 days to court?

If you and your ex are struggling to understand how support works (child or spousal) or agree to it, attend a Support Assessment Session where you will:

  • Understand how support applies to your family
  • Make decisions on payments, duration, and start date
  • Agree on guidelines so you can manage your finances

At the end of the session, you reach an agreement that you can either shake hands on, or turn into a legal document. 

Did you know that child support is two portions, Section 3 and Section 7?

That’s what our clients Sara and Adam did. 

They thought court was their only option for dealing with child support. They had no idea the court process was so lengthy, as they had to attend 3 different court dates before booking the actual child support hearing – which was scheduled 6 months out and into the new year.  

In the meantime, Sara was struggling to make ends meet as her income is not enough for her and their two kids. Adam felt he was in limbo. What is the judge going to order him to pay and will he be able to afford it?!

They signed up to our Child Support Session. It’s an hour and a half focused meeting with a mediator, wherein she provides their child support calculations, explains how Section 3 and 7 apply to them, and help them agree on the payments.  

Sara and Adam cancelled their court date, each saving at least $5000 in legal fees. AND they now have a solid child support agreement they both feel comfortable with.

They can finally breathe. 

Ready to get started?

Three Stages to A Support Agreement

1 Provide your Income Tax Returns or proof of income for the past 3 years.

2 Attend an in person or online 90 minute Support Assessment Session.

3 Reach on a solid agreement that you may either shake hands on, or turn into a legal document.

About Zeina:

Before founding Trusted Divorce Services in 2016, Zeina worked as a divorce clerk at Calgary Courts Center. She processed more than 30,000 divorces and reviewed just as many child support agreements, before submitting them to an Alberta Justice. Zeina and her team help 100’s of Albertans avoid the black hole of divorce, and part ways amicably and constructively. 

This is a sample of what to expect Zeina to be at your session:

The divorce mediation experience with Zeina was profound and very helpful! She has brought about that sense of balance we both needed in our divorce negotiations. She helped us stay on track of reaching a mutually respectful deal and away from emotional reactions in order to file an uncontested divorce claim that would save us thousands $$$. We were able to reach an amicable solution that suited us both and all that without hiring lawyers on both sides and draining our savings! I highly recommend Zeina's services!