Don't Hire a Divorce Lawyer, Do This Instead

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Basically, everyone knows you can hire a divorce lawyer in Alberta. Most people also know you can file your own divorce. There is a third way, which many people experiencing divorce in Alberta may not know.  

You can also enlist the help of divorce filing experts who aren’t lawyers (Like us!) You get many of the cost savings associated with doing it yourself, with one important difference: you don’t have to do it yourself!  

DIY Divorce Isn’t Easy 

Many ex-couples set out to get a DIY divorce, but quickly abandon that idea when they realize it’s actually kind of complex. Family Court judges require the paperwork to be perfect, and it’s hard to do that without legal training. Divorce files get rejected for the smallest errors, which can be a huge setback, especially if you are on a deadline. 

When I used to work at the Calgary Court Centre, I had so many situations where the person at the counter is rushing in to get their final divorce certificate so they can remarry. Sometimes, people were trying to rush through a divorce so they could remarry the following weekend! So often, those people discover the horrific news that their ex-spouse who said would take care of the divorce filing, did not, or did not do it correctly. Legally they are still married to their ex, so they are unable to get remarried. Imagine waiting through the pandemic to get married, only to find out your divorce hasn’t gone through. 

Small Errors Can Stop Your Divorce 

Other people try to file their divorce with the marriage certificate given to you by the person who performed your wedding. One hurdle to filing your divorce documents is not included a civil marriage certificate.  If you do not have a copy of your civil marriage certificate, you can order a new one through the Alberta Registry, or its equivalent in other provinces. 

At Trusted Divorce Services, all these details are taken care of by our team of experienced divorce paralegals. In fact, even if you do pay a divorce lawyer, it’s a paralegal who will actually be filing your divorce documents. So why not hire a paralegal yourself and skip the lawyer fees? Paralegals are the experts in making sure your divorce paperwork is completed correctly, so you can move on with your life. 

Couples In Conflict Don’t Always Need Lawyers 

Some couples would like to divorce without lawyers, but still have a couple of outstanding conflicts with their partner. In fact, many couples who are living separately but have not legally divorced are only still married because they can’t afford a lawyer and haven’t worked out these issues. If that sounds like you or someone you know, a non-lawyer professional divorce service is perfect for you. 

Even if you have kids, shared assets, or a house to sell, we can help. Even if you aren’t speaking. As long as you and your soon-to-be-ex can agree to attend a meeting together, you can get professional assistance with your divorce without having to chip away at your savings by paying two lawyers. 

If you are looking to start the divorce process yourself, we have made it a little bit easier by putting together a comprehensive list of steps and the documents you need. Download yours here. 

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