Divorce Cure Bootcamp:

Your last chance to revive your marriage back to trust and intimacy.

We’ve helped 100’s of ex-couples divorce amicably. We know what leads to divorce, and we know the antidote.    

If you’re researching divorce options, but you’re not 100% certain divorce is the right path for you.   

If you’re also tired of the fights followed by long and isolating periods of silence and disconnect from your partner.  

But you’re also not ready to divorce, and you want to give your relationship One.Last.Chance. 

Divorce Cure is your answer.

How is Divorce Cure different from traditional counselling? 

Instead of focusing on solving the problems, you learn what’s causing the conflict.  

You and your partner each take a detailed Personality Assessment (Enneagram). Our expert then explains the why’s of all that you do, think, and feel. 

No digging through the past or rehashing old problems. Learn easy and practical skills to bring love and connection back.  

Open and fun atmosphere with engaging facilitators.  

Download your checklist to unlock your relationship’s potential today! 

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Divorce Cure 

A couples’ bootcamp that takes place over 4 live half day sessions, and helps you and your partner revive your relationship back to trust, intimacy and realignment.  

Next Bootcamp in November 2023 

Two options to attend: 

2 Full Saturdays or 4 half days Thursday Evenings 

Virtual via Zoom or in Person in SE Calgary   


$975+gst for the couple 

*100% Money Back Guarantee (see below)

divorce support workshop

Four Stages to Trust and Intimacy:

Personalized Assessment

You and your partner undergo a detailed personality test using the Enneagram model. Transform how you see your relationship and each other.

Key takeaway: How our personality type affects our decision making and interaction with others.

Relationship Repair Strategies

Using the renowned Gottman method, our relationship repair strategies have the potential to infuse your relationship with trust and intimacy.

Key takeaway: Practical look at what happens before and during conflict, and how to counteract these actions, and lean towards fondness and admiration.

Conflict Resolution

Learn the skills of deciphering a conflict in real life, and gain the confidence to navigate tough conversations and even grow from them.

Key takeaway: Easy to use tactics to diffuse disagreements with your partner, kids, and coworkers.

What's next for Us

After you and your partner have developed new skills and insights, you'll have the opportunity to reflect. Using targeted tools we’ll provide you, you will design a new way to communicate and a future that you both are excited for.

Your Guides: Zeina and Emily

Zeina is a divorce mediator, and certified in the Gottman Institute and the Relationship Systems Intelligence (ORSC™) coaching. She’ve helped hundreds of ex-couples divorce amicably. Her exposure to the end of marital relationships gives her insight into what creates conflict, how to handle it, and even grow from it. She is an expert on conflict management, assertiveness, and communication skills.

Emily is passionate about working with couples and teams, helping them to grow in self-awareness to have impactful relationships and understanding of how they perceive and are perceived by others. She is a trained Co-Active Coach (CTI) and certified in the Enneagram Self-Assessment. She lead workshops using the Enneagram as a core tool, helping to build better teams and leaders.

Divorce Cure is a fun, informative, and heart-warming experience that you and your partner will enjoy and grow from, as individuals and partners. 

Here’s the tough truth you probably already know: 

Next year you will arrive. The question is, where? 

You’ve tolerated living apart together for too long. Don’t wait for an inevitable divorce to act. If you want different results, you need to do something different today. Make a definitive decision right now to choose a happy marriage (yes they exist), intimacy with your partner, and an exciting future together.   

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for Divorce Cure?

If you aren’t:

Both willing to enthusiastically engage with the material;

Willing to keep an open mind; or,

Motivated to keep things respectful.

Alternatively, If you and your spouse are tired of having the same fights over and over, if you’re both ready to dig in and do the work, Divorce Cure is what you need.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  

Don’t want to commit and then find out you didn’t get the results you were promised? Not a problem. Email us after you complete the bootcamp, and we’ll refund you the full fees immediately.