Be a Maverick in your Divorce Mediation

On the surface, mediation is a forum wherein two people in disagreement meet with a professional conversation referee (aka: mediator) with the goal to reach a resolution that more or less works for both of them.

Tools To Have Better Convo’s With Your Ex

My husband and I had a fight last week. The kind of fight that you don’t think you will come back from. His parents are coming for a visit from Lebanon and we argued over where they will stay. Sounds like a shallow topic but there were some strong emotions and competing values that lead one to say the to the other; I don’t want to be with you anymore.

5 Brilliant Insider Tips for Dealing with Conflict

How to deal with conflict - a picture of a group of coworkers sitting around a boardroom table in conflict

5 Brilliant Insider Tips for Dealing with Conflict Dealing with conflict can make for some difficult conversations. There’s good reason for this.  Difficult conversations usually involve subjects we care about deeply.  Think about it: if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be dealing with conflict at all. We would simply disagree, and call it a day  Why is it dealing with conflict important?  Humans crave safety. Our brains are […]

What is Mediation? Divorce in Alberta

A woman and a man sitting on a couch talking

What is Mediation? Divorce in Alberta Most people know that choosing divorce mediation means that they choose to not fight in court, but their knowledge of exactly what is mediation stops there. This is partly because many of us learn about divorce on TV. We don’t necessarily know what the laws and practices are around […]