Conscious Uncoupling: Happily Even After

The decision to separate from your partner is not an easy one. The un-coupling of your relationship comes with all sorts of uncomfortable, and bitter feelings. In addition to the emotions, you must deal with the logistics of separation, such as dividing your assets and liabilities, finding a new home, and negotiating a parenting plan if you share children.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Celebrating International Women’s Day Tuesday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day 2022. The day was established in 1975 by the United Nations to celebrate and promote the achievements of women.    On IWD, I think of the women who inspire me. That includes my daughter, the women on my team, some of my clients, and my […]

4 Life-Changing Books

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4 Lifechanging Books I had just completed three years in business, and I was looking for a business coach.   I interviewed a few and quite honestly forget most of my conversations with them; however, one woman was memorable for the wrong reasons.   She asked me what I had been doing to improve my skills and […]

10 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

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10 Tips for Starting Your Own Business A friend recently left her corporate job in preparation to start her own consulting business. She asked me to tell her about the journey of starting my business.    I asked her what exactly she wanted to know. She paused for a moment and asked, “what does starting your […]