Child Support: Section 3 and Section 7

What is child support?

Child support is the money one parent pays to another to support their children financially after a separation or divorce.

What is the difference between Section 3 and Section 7 child support?

6 Tips to Co-Parent During the Holidays

Christmas time does not feel like the best time of the year when you’re separating.
A client once described sitting at the kitchen table, alone, and realizing how quiet the house was. She said that in all the time she planned for her divorce, she never pictured the silence being so loud. She missed her kids’ chatter, the busy-ness of the living room, the smells in the kitchen.

Be a Maverick in your Divorce Mediation

On the surface, mediation is a forum wherein two people in disagreement meet with a professional conversation referee (aka: mediator) with the goal to reach a resolution that more or less works for both of them.

Current Alberta Economy and Divorce

Are you stuck in a divorce rut? You want child support, some money from the house, or simply a final divorce, but none of those seem to be attainable any time soon? Right now, if you are successful at booking a child support hearing through the Court of King’s Bench, you can expect a Judge to look at your case ONE YEAR from now. Can you imagine what it is like for a single parent, with limited income, and limitless legal fees trying to make ends meet in this Alberta economy? Hurts my heart.