3 Steps to Try Before Hiring an Alberta Divorce Lawyer

If you’re thinking about hiring a divorce lawyer, you probably know you need help bringing your divorce to a successful conclusion. 

And as I’ve said in the past, there are definitely times when an Alberta divorce lawyer is 100% necessary. Here are some examples if you want a refresher. 

However, you may want to think carefully before hiring a lawyer because it can get expensive really fast. 

You and your spouse will each need your own lawyer, so the price increases right there.  

You will no longer be able to contact each other directly to work through divorce-related issues, those calls will have to go from you to your lawyer, to your spouse’s lawyer, to your soon-to-be-ex, and then back the other way for an answer.  

Unless you really love the game telephone, this is clearly no fun for anyone. (Well, the lawyers don’t mind since they bill for every call, email and signature.) 

It’s worth talking to some non-lawyer divorce professionals to see if that option will work for you. If you consult with us but we feel a lawyer is necessary, we don’t hesitate to tell you. If a lawyer isn’t necessary, you stand to save thousands of dollars. 

3 Things to Try Before an Alberta Divorce Lawyer

Here are some steps to take before hiring a lawyer:   

  1. Get information from the free resources available, like Calgary Legal Guidance or Legal Aid.
  2. Interview more than one lawyer and ask them about their fees and practices. You will be dealing with this person a lot and for months. You should trust and work well with them.  We offer this handy checklist to help you with these interviews.
  3. Try mediation without a lawyer. While some lawyers are trained in mediation, that isn’t the same thing as working with a mediator. Find a mediator who will work on behalf of both parties, for a collaborative solution.

Final Recommendation for Hiring an Alberta Divorce Lawyer

When you have chosen a lawyer, interview them before you begin working together. Some law firms will offer a short free consult, but you should be aware that others will want you to pay their full hourly rate. 

We recommend people who determine that they require the help of a lawyer have at least $10,000 readily available and plan to access another $20,000 down the road. Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s legal fees survey says a basic divorce with support agreements costs more than 10 thousand dollars, and that’s if nothing is contested. 

You are a good fit for Trusted Divorce services if: 

  • You both agree that you do not want to use lawyers; 
  • You agree on many issues but need help with some; 
  • You are respectful of one another; 
  • You want to be fair to yourself and your spouse; and, 
  • You want what’s best for your children. 

In case you missed it, here’s a chart that will help you decide how to proceed: 

Alberta divorce lawyer

Download our FREE checklist of questions to ask before hiring a lawyer.


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