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Zeina processed more than
30,000 divorces in the
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Transforming how Albertans get Divorced

For too many couples, divorce is long, painful and expensive. That’s why Zeina El-Sayed founded her business, Trusted Divorce Services.
Zeina is the creator of the Constructive Divorce™ Process, which has helped hundreds of Alberta couples secure divorces in half the time at a third of the cost of lawyer-led divorces.
A widely recognized expert on divorce, Zeina is a fixture on local and national media.

What Our Clients Say

When Do You Need an Alberta Divorce Lawyer?

Most couples do not need an Alberta divorce lawyer for a smooth and and simple divorce, but there are definitely times a lawyer is required. We are committed to telling prospective clients if they would be better served by a divorce lawyer. 

We also have a short checklist that will help you decide for yourself.

Choose the Constructive Divorce instead.

Constructive Divorce™ cuts through the bureaucracy and confusion to focus on costscommunication, and co-parenting.

Contrast this with a lawyer-led divorce. Lawyers naturally pit the two parties against each other, which makes their divorce destructive and costly. Constructive Divorce™ allows all parties to work together to get divorced in half the time at a third of the cost.