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Complete division of property, parenting, and child support agreements without time and money sucking bureaucracy

Take a moment to pause and breathe, knowing you’re not alone.

No matter how long this has been in the making or whether it was your decision or theirs, the moment you realize your marriage is over feels like a shockwave through your system and everything comes at you at once.

We make the divorce process clear and simple, so you can focus on your next step



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In mediation or on your own, you and your spouse work together to create a divorce settlement you are both happy with.

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One of the hardest parts about divorce is losing your sense of self.

You were one of two, now it’s just you. We offer after divorce wellness programs.  

While those who’ve gone with lawyers constantly wonder, “Will this ever be done?!”, our clients often say, “Is that it? we’re done?!”

Why most of our clients are referrals:

No Endless Billing 

You both work with one mediator

Elise Bakkers

If I could rate them higher than 5 stars, I would. I had hired other lawyers for my divorce but they were twice the cost and months of paperwork with no progress. Trusted Divorce Services got started immediately and within 2 weeks our paperwork was filed. I sincerely couldn't be more grateful. They were quick to respond to messages and super efficient. Not that I plan on getting divorced again, but for real, if you're in the same situation this is 1000% the way to go. My ex husband was not even in the country, and they saved me conservatively over $5000 in legal costs.

No stressful Battles

We’ll never pit you against one another.  You stay focused on what’s important.  

Andrew Jacobs

Haley made our divorce very easy. I’m not going to say the cost was high or low. Our divorce was uncontested with no kids. If your divorce is complicated, then probably a good price. Anyway, if you are happy with the cost, the service is excellent. If I end up like Ross Geller I know where to return.

Your Kids are protected 

When you’re not fighting, you have mental energy to look after your kids. 

Christine Xiao

I'm go glad I stumbled into Trusted Divorce Services on Google Map. They handled our divorce efficiently at a very competitive price. They were professional and considerate. They never rushed us when we needed to take actions but they were very efficient when the actions were with them. They explained everything clearly and kept us informed throughout the process. I'm so grateful for all what they've done for our case.

Your Assets are secured 

Your hard-earned money doesn’t go towards legal fees. You divide it the way you two choose.

Brian Mills

Debbie was friendly, knowledgeable and took the necessary time to go over the entire process. We were able to clearly follow and understand the steps needed to complete the settlement. The cost was reasonable and fair - we would definitely recommend TDS.

Transforming how Albertans get Divorced​

Lead by Zeina (Zae-na) El-Sayed:

Zeina processed more than
30,000 divorces in the
Alberta Divorce Court.
We know divorce

divorce mediator zeina

Zeina worked as the lead clerk in divorce at Calgary Court Center  for 10 years before founding TDS in 2016. She’s a family mediator and an ORSC™ certified coach.

While working as a court clerk, she interacted with 100’s of frustrated Albertans stuck in what she calls, the black hole of the traditional divorce. That which strips away your dignity and dollars and leaves you with nothing but debt and a broken family.  

She created TDS to provide a trusted and humane divorce process where people feel in control of their divorce outcomes, and are able to reach the end with the least emotional and financial harm on them and their families.  

A widely recognized expert on divorce, Zeina is a fixture on local and national media.

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