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Zero Risk Divorce Assessment

90 minutes. $350 dollars. Questions answered.

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A Life Changing 90 Minutes

Many people who contact us don’t know where to begin. They are often not even sure if they want a divorce. That’s what the Zero Risk Divorce Assessment is for. If you know your marriage has problems but you aren’t sure what your next steps should be, this assessment is for you.

Meet with Zeina for 90 minutes. If you’re ready to divorce, you’ll leave the session ready to sign papers or ready to start mediation. If you’re not ready to divorce, you’ll know what you need to do next.

Best of all, if you and your spouse need mediation, the cost of the session is applied to your mediation bill. That’s why it’s “zero risk.” 

Divorce can feel overwhelming

Divorcing couples can feel trapped because you don’t know enough about the system to proceed on your own, but lawyers don’t provide you with the simple, fair, inexpensive divorce in which we specialize. A Constructive Divorce™. 

But divorce can be simple

When you’re done with the Zero Risk Divorce Assessment, the hard part will be over. You’ll know what steps you need to take next.

If you decide to go through with a divorce, you’ll either be ready to move on to the filing stage, or you’ll be ready for a mediation session to help you and your ex divorce as fairly and amicably as possible.

Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of couples from across Alberta get divorced in half the time at a third of the cost.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“ The divorce mediation experience with Zeina was profound and very helpful! She has brought about that sense of balance we both needed in our divorce negotiations. She helped us stay on track of reaching a mutually respectful deal and away from emotional reactions in order to file an uncontested divorce claim that would save us thousands $$$. We were able to reach an amicable solution that suited us both and all that without hiring lawyers on both sides and draining our savings! I highly recommend Zeina’s services! Natalia P.”

What Our Clients Say

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