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Zero Risk Divorce Prep Session

90 minutes. $350 dollars. Divorce? Solved.

Keep reading to find out how.

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A Life Changing 90 Minutes

Meet with us for 90 minutes. You’ll leave the session ready for the document filing portion of your divorce, or prepared for mediation.

If you need mediation to complete your divorce, no worries! We will subtract the cost of your Prep Session from mediation.

That’s why it’s “zero risk.” Either you walk away ready to divorce, or you roll the cost of the session into mediation, which will get you to your Constructive Divorce.™

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Divorcing Couple speaking with mediator
Same sex couple, male, in mediation

Divorce can feel overwhelming

Divorcing couples can feel trapped, because you don’t know enough about the system to proceed on your own, but a lawyer can’t provide you with the outcome you really want: a simple, fair, inexpensive divorce. A Constructive Divorce™.

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But divorce can be simple

When you’re done the Zero Risk Divorce Prep Session, the hard part will be over.

Either you’ll be ready to move on to the filing stage, or you’ll be ready for a mediation session to help you and your ex divorce as fairly and amicably as possible.

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divorcing couple with mediator
Divorcing couple with mediator

Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of couples from anywhere in Alberta get divorced in half the time at a third of the cost.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“I had tried to get my divorce done myself but the sheer amount of paperwork and the time investment was overwhelming. So I came across TDS and from start to finish, they took care of everything. Communication was excellent, professionalism was top notch and the cost was very reasonable and absolutely worth it.

I definitely don’t recommend getting divorced but if you have to, I wholeheartedly recommend Trusted Divorce.” -Eric N.

More From Our Clients

“Zeina, Hilarie and the team at Trusted Divorce were highly knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. Very cost-effective and simple process. Highly recommend for anyone working through divorce.” -Amal A.

“Trusted Divorce was quick, super responsive, friendly and so reasonably priced and they did all the leg work. We would definitely recommend their service!” -Lanie S.

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