Joint/Uncontested Divorce

3 months
$995 to $1,750

This is our simplest divorce. For couples with or without kids who do not need family property division, your path is clear and simple. We file your documents and around 3 months later, your divorce is final.

There is just one step to completing this type of divorce.

Documents Filed

Our paralegal team prepares and files your legal documents.

What is the difference between joint and uncontested divorce?

Not much, in the grand scheme of things. A joint divorce refers to how the proceedings begin. It means one person does not serve the other person a Statement of Claim for divorce. Rather, both parties file together.

In an uncontested divorce, one person initiates the paperwork, so technically speaking one person is the plaintiff and the other person is the defendant, but the defendant does not contest the divorce. Both parties agree about the terms, and can proceed directly to the filing stage.

If this describes your situation, you are a good candidate for our Joint/Uncontested divorce services.

If this doesn’t describe your situation because you are still working out your division of property and debt, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a lawyer. A Constructive Divorce™ can still work for you. Check out our Simple Division of Property or Complex Division of Family Property.

"Zeina and her team were amazing. She was very understanding about my situation and gave me all my options. Her team is amazing being that I live in another city they kept in contact with me constantly and let me know of the progress. Thanks again for all your hard work. "I'm divorced, Oh Happy Day!"

-- Sophia Bowen

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