Divorce Mediation

If you search “Divorce Mediation Alberta” you’ll see many articles that recommend family mediation for divorce, but they don’t really tell you what it is.

Mediation is a quality conversation between you and your spouse (or ex spouse) with the assistance of a neutral third party. If you can be in the same room as your ex, a mediator can help you solve even your most contentious disagreements.

Divorce mediation is having all those uncomfortable conversations in a comfortable setting. You feel heard, encouraged to speak, and you aren’t worried about your spouse’s reaction because you have someone there to make sure the conversation stays productive. Mediation is a conversation that yields results. By results, we mean a final, mutually agreed-upon settlement. You don’t ever have to have ugly conversations on your own again.

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A mediator is a trained, neutral third party who helps solve disagreements

The outcome of mediation can be made legally binding, so you don't have to pay two lawyers to go to court after your mediation

If you're already divorced, mediation can help you and your ex solve ongoing problems with support and coparenting

Use Divorce Mediation to Save Money

Mediation can save you money. One session can help you avoid a lengthy court battle.

One mediator helps both spouses, whereas you each require your own lawyer if you go the litigation route.

If you’re trying to resolve your divorce fairly and easily, mediation can help.

We also provide a FREE resource for navigating conflict called our Conflict Cheatsheet. Download yours using the button below.

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Questions About Divorce Mediation in Alberta

Let’s be honest. You and your spouse have probably had many conversations about divorce, but every time you get to a “trigger” topic you reach a hard stop.

This could be your pension or retirement savings, who leaves the house and when, or the spectre of spousal support. Nearly every divorcing couple has at least one issue that sparks serious conflict.

Mediation gets you through the tough conversations without being sidetracked by unhealthy conflict. We’re not promising you won’t experience any conflict, but our job is to keep the discussion on track and come to a mutually acceptable resolution.

Yes! Making the outcome of mediation legally binding is possible, but not every mediator does it.

We at Trusted Divorce Services and write up the decisions you make in mediation, and make it a legally binding document.

That means you can stop having the same fight over and over, and move on with your lives.

We believe mediation can help anyone who can stand being in the same room as their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. We regularly see couples who aren’t even on speaking terms leave mediation with an agreement in hand, satisfied with the results.

However, there are certain circumstances where mediation is not appropriate:

  • If the relationship is so acrimonious the parties cannot both be in the same meeting.
  • If either party feels unsafe in the presence of their spouse.
  • If either party has untreated substance abuse or mental illness that prevents them from making clear, independent decisions.

Yes! If you and your ex share children, you are most likely going to have to deal with that person for life. Mediation can help ex-spouses resolve:

  • Co-parenting disagreements, such as education or health issues.
  • Parenting schedules, such as navigating shared holidays.
  • Finding agreement on how to deal with new relationships.

"The compassion, professionalism and complete attention to my situation was felt immediately. Trust was easily established and I was treated more than fair by everyone on the team. I will refer anyone in need of these services especially in these new and uncertain times."

-- Stacy Underhill

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