We are on a mission to transform how Albertans get divorced

Meet your team of paralegals and mediator who are here to help you with your divorce from start to finish.

Our Mission

Lift society through empowering Albertans to rise above their adversities and have the capability to love and respect themselves, communicate effectively, and co-parent emotionally healthy children.

Our core values:


We will use all internal and external resources to facilitate the smooth finalization of our clients’ divorce.


We have big dreams. We want to change the way Albertans get divorced. We’re always growing as we support our clients in their own growth.


We believe that efficiency comes from simplicity. We only take essential steps for each file and always keep clients informed.


We strive to empower our clients so they’re in control of their divorce choices. And give them the resources to strive even after it’s completed.

TDS is paralegal-lead, mediation-driven

Our Small and Mighty Team

Power is not always in numbers

At TDS, our strength comes from Purposeful Work, Coherent Systems, and a Proficient Team

Debbie Mclaughlin

Debbie worked at a number of multi-disciplinary law firms before joining TDS in 2021. She takes pride in seeing her files to the end. Debbie has a non-pretentious sense of humor and a kind presence. She is a mom to 3, and a dog and cat named RD and Django.

“Debbie was friendly, knowledgeable and took the necessary time to go over the entire process.  We were able to clearly follow and understand the steps needed to complete the settlement. The cost was reasonable and fair - we would definitely recommend TDS.”

Brian Mills

Haley Hardy

Haley started with TDS in 2020. Before that, she worked as a real estate legal assistant. Haley believes strongly in providing access to justice through the work we do. She’s a mom to little Ellie, and an owner of a handsome horse named Princeton.

“I received excellent service and support from Haley at TDS. Haley was quick to respond to any questions or concerns and her professionalism and guidance were outstanding. She was able to make a difficult and painful process easier with her kindness and knowledge of the process.”

Mary Scullion

Kristen Douglas

Admin Assistant
Native to British Columbia, Kristen brings the lightness and warmth of the coast. Kristen’s usually the first person you'd interact with. Often described as a good listener, Kristen’s signature words are, “Absolutely!”, and “My pleasure”.

"Kristen did not make me feel like I was a dollar sign. She listened and helped me facilitate the interaction with my husband. She was patient with me and I felt emotional ease because I had TDS on my side. I am now divorced and relieved. Thank you! Forever grateful."

Jen K.

Tanya Rangan

Admin Assistant
Tanya is a recent graduate of Political Science. She’s a creative writer, with a keen interest in romance.Tanya keeps our systems polished and assists with expansion projects . She's always with a smile on her face and eagerness to help.

The compassion, professionalism and complete attention to my situation was felt Immediately. Trust was easily established and I was treated more than fair by everyone on the team. 

Stacy Underhill